Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to get my floor sanded?
Not at all, for a fraction of the price of a new floor, we can transform your existing floor into a new floor again. Sanding your floor is much cheaper than replacing with a new floor and is much less hassle!

How long will it take to sand my floor?
An average size living room floor can be sanded and re-finished in 1 day, so by the time you come home from work that evening you will have a brand new floor!

Can I change the colour of my wooden floor?
Yes! Most wooden floors can be stained to a different colour however there are certain types of floors that cannot be stained. We are happy to give you advice on this.

Is it really dust free?
Yes, it's not less dust, it's dustfree. The machines we use are the latest technology in Floor Sanding, ensuring there is no dust at all. We guarantee there is no dust.

How can I maintain my newly sanded floor?
We can advise you on the best floor care products which will enhance and maintain your floor.

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